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The Eco Kind Pot Scrubber

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Made from bamboo with palm leaf bristles, our pot scrubber is tough on grime but kind on the planet making it the perfect eco alternative to your synthetic scourers. Ideal for cleaning pots, pans, and non-stick surfaces with ease.


- Our pot scrubber is made from plants to provide an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic brushes and sponges, which utilise chemicals in the production process and end up in landfill at end of their lifespan.

- Made from unvarnished wood to eliminate chemicals from the production process.

- Compostable at the end of its lifespan.

- Vegan friendly.


- Allow to dry between uses, and do not leave sitting in water.

- Stand the brush upright on its bristles between uses to encourage any residual water to drain away.

- Handles can be treated with wood oil or wax if desired. 

- At end of its lifespan, this brush is compostable.

The Eco Kind Pot Scrubber - The Eco Kind
The Eco Kind Pot Scrubber Sale price$6.99 Regular price$16.99

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