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The Eco Kind Heuristic Preschool Bundle

Sale price$57.00

The preschool bundle is a must-have eco-friendly and heuristic addition to your preschool, playcentre, or kindergarten. The heuristic bundle assists children's sensory exploration, imaginative play, hand-eye coordination, cognition, and fine motor skills. It also promotes a natural form of play and exploration where children can discover and learn from the variety of organic items. 


- The preschool bundle consists of the following: x3 wooden hammers, x3 wooden mallets, x1 rattan ball sets, x10 medium wooden 40mm rings, x6 family peg dolls (x3 male and x3 female angels), x10 dolly pegs, x4 large wooden spools, x1 mini spool set, x2 round wooden scoops, x3 mini honey dippers, and x1 acorn set.

the eco kind eco-friendly heuristic preschool bundle
The Eco Kind Heuristic Preschool Bundle Sale price$57.00

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